Urban Revelations

squat houses. rooftops. parking lots. pumpkins. long walks. long talks. adventures. long lost loves. real love. coffee. Chicago style pizza. graffitti. autumn breeze. leaves. street corners. grassy hills. punk music. starry nights. cloudy days. nostalgia. Newports. smoke. thunder. incense. daze. gypsy. best friends. radicalism. woods. long boards. accordions. Rickenbackers. poetry. acoustic guitars. trains. old houses. transsexualism. wandering. screaming. loving. dancing. singing. feeling. living. being. whole. Detroit. beer. salvia. kisses. cuddling. holding hands. the moon. banjos. orchards. freckles. the art of smashing boundaries and oppression. hummus. baklava. cider. hay. snow. silence. chaos.